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Ofa Matagi is running for Utah House of Representatives HD33 in West Valley City.  She is a four year Board Member of UPICEC (The Utah Pacific Islander Civic Engagement Coalition), a Board of Trustee and two year Diversity Committee Member at the Tracy Aviary. In addition, she is a member of the YWCA of Utah which she previously served on the Young Women’s Leadership Council for 6 years and elected President.

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Ofa Matagi understands the need for every individual’s voice to be valued and heard. It is why she has continued to mobilize community members to get involved in their city and state-wide government, namely, by registering members of traditionally under-represented groups to vote. 

Earlier this year Ofa avidly supported the cause to repeal the unnecessary 2019 Tax Plan by collecting signatures for the Tax Referendum. By a tremendous amount of support 180,000 signatures were obtained of the 116,000 required.

Leading the Charge for Community and Civic Engagement 
Creating Environments for Greater Inclusivity

Through her many years at the YWCA of Utah and since, Ofa continues to be a proponent of “Eliminating Racism and Empowering Women.” As a Pacific Islander, a Tongan American woman, Ofa understands how navigating intersections of one’s identity can be challenging. Finding and creating spaces in which we encourage the need to recognize that our differences make us stronger is paramount to creating unity within our communities. 

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With broadcast journalist and executive producer Soledad O'Brien (YWCA)

Deeply committed to a brighter future for West Valley City

By building strong relationships between the community and its leaders, greater perspectives as well as ideas are thus created. Ofa has a vision for a more representative democracy wherein those who serve the people closely understand the issues of their constituents. More importantly she advocates and supports the need for leaders that bring different identities as well as life experiences to the table. 


She was born at what was formerly known as Pioneer Hospital in West Valley City and attended both Hillsdale, and the original Granger Elementary. She graduated from Granite High school as Student Body President where she first discovered her love for serving as an elected leader.


Ofa completed a double bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Ethnic Studies from the University of Utah. Subsequently she started classes in the Masters of Public Administration program Fall 2018 but recognized her desire to serve her community was greater. She has worked as an Appeals Specialist and Administrative Paralegal in Social Security Law for seven years. In addition, a Financial Aid Advisor at the University of Utah for two years. Ofa also taught Institute classes for college credit at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Volta Ward in West Valley City. She and her husband, Sean Matagi firmly believe in the importance of supporting all families to thrive and making an impact in the lives of those around them. 

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